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The experimental columns with nested blocks: two columns, each with a title, a graphic, a teaser and a link.

Careful, though, nested blocks are still very experimental

Now let’s look a broader look at donors in general. Many nonprofits decide that it is easier to use a technical tool called Software as a Service (SaaS), to help organize their fundraising than it is to do the administrative work themselves. There are many donation management service companies, each of which has their own privacy policy regarding the protection of data.

Most of the ones we have researched treat donor data as the property of the nonprofit organization as opposed to the individual owning their data. In addition to the email data described above, more detail is suggested to help improve campaign results and event attendance. For example, if you ask donors to list their employer, it is because a simple search by the SaaS provider can identify those firms doing matching contributions.

If your wife has a separate income, the same may apply to her. Your employer may want to make a contribution regardless of matching funds, and the information is requested about who should be approached. Care to approach a relative or neighbor for a contribution, then you become a source for their data.

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import React from 'react';

class StorePicker extends React.Component {
  render() {
    // Any where else
    return <p>Hello</p>

export default StorePicker;

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