CiviCRM received Award for Project of Social Benefit from Free Software Foundation

From the FSF site:

CiviCRM was this year’s winner of the Award for Project of Social Benefit, given to a group or association that has carried the free software principles and have applied them to other areas. CiviCRM is a free program that nonprofit organizations around the world used to manage their mailings and contact databases, including the FSF. CiviCRM is one of the few free software programs offering this functionality, allowing charities and nonprofit organizations to do their work without being beholden to a particular proprietary software vendor.

In his award video, FSF executive director John Sullivan stated, “[CiviCRM] has had a huge impact on our world because it provides infrastructure that allows over 11,000 organizations to pursue their respective missions, across all areas of life.”

Accepting the award was Josh Gowans, the project manager for CiviCRM, who commented, “It’s truly an honor to receive the Award for Projects of Social Benefit. It not only recognizes the hard work and dedication of the CiviCRM community, but also the impact that CiviCRM is having by providing free software to thousands of organizations around the world working to solve significant challenges. We’re grateful for the vital work of the Free Software Foundation, and we’re honored to receive this award.”

By Birgit Pauli-Haack

web + mobile strategist & coder 4 nonprofits. #nptech #WordPress - @gutenbergtimes host Gutenberg Changelog podcast biz @paulisystems

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