This site uses the latest versions of WordPress, Gutenberg, default theme and PHP for various testing purposes.

  • Hosting via SpinupWP on DigitalOcean.
  • PHP 8 – to make sure the new WordPress version works on PHP 8
  • WordPress trunk (via Beta Tester Plugin > Bleeding Edge | Nightlies ) – The release cycle for WordPress 5.6 started on October 20 with the first beta release.
  • Gutenberg from Master Zip via Gutenberg Times – Most Gutenberg changes are in WordPress 5.6 beta already. Using the master zip helps to test for bugs that haven’t been fixed yet.
  • Twenty-Twenty-Four Default theme – With WordPress beta 1 the default things was also released and need people to test.

The Laptops & browsers

  • MacBook Air Laptop: OSX 10.14.6
  • Mac PowerBook Laptop: OSX 10.15.7
  • Google Chrome: Version 86.0.4240.111