A #nocode Contributor Journey on the WordPress Gutenberg GitHub Repo

I have been a contributor to WordPress since 2014. I serve as Deputy on the Community team, and as team rep for Bock-Editor Enduser documentation team. I am also a roockie contributor on the Gutenberg GitHub repo for WordPress’ block editor. Earlier this week, Mark Uriane asked me to review a PR, that fixed an… Continue reading A #nocode Contributor Journey on the WordPress Gutenberg GitHub Repo

Difference between npm and npx

The npm stands for Node Package Manager and itis the default package manager for Node.js. It is written entirely in JavaScript, developed by  Isaac Z. Schlueter, it was initially released on January 12, 2010. The npm manages all the packages and modules for node.js and consists of command–line client npm. It gets installed into the system with the installation of node.js. The required packages and modules in… Continue reading Difference between npm and npx

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Testing Twenty-Twenty One

Twenty-Twenty Theme has been released with WordPress 5.6 Beta 1. And I started this site, so it’s a good occasion as any to help with testing this beautiful new default theme for WordPress. There are many things I like and I will write about them. For now, my brain seems to pickup a few inconsistencies.… Continue reading Testing Twenty-Twenty One

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Give Serendipity a chance

Earlier this week, Bluehost posted on Twitter the question: I liked the idea to build a site about coding and share more technical details about my work with nonprofits. I never had a place to organize my development notes online. Could be the occasional imposter syndrome creeping in holding me back… This site purpose is… Continue reading Give Serendipity a chance

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