Device Mockups of the new WordPress default theme Twenty-Twenty-One

Testing Twenty-Twenty One

Twenty-Twenty Theme has been released with WordPress 5.6 Beta 1. And I started this site, so it’s a good occasion as any to help with testing this beautiful new default theme for WordPress.

There are many things I like and I will write about them. For now, my brain seems to pickup a few inconsistencies.

Here is the running list of my GitHub issues for the theme

Continue reading Link needs dotted line, too

That was fixed already in trunk. Tested it briefly and confirmed. Should be in Beta 2 on Oct. 27, 2020.

Columns block on dark background, invisible ink

The TT1 team realized that the problems are on the Gutenberg site of things. After a brief discussion with Mark Uraine, I created a more generic issue: “Some block features are rendered with invisible ink with dark backgrounds.”(#26479)

Mark created a PR last night and fixed the columns block, the table block and the caption of the Gallery block. Mark also asked me officially for a review.

Custom HTML Block (Using Instagram’s embed code)

Carolina’s PR fixed this, not the preview, though.

Better handling of “Archive” pages.

After a couple of hours, I closed the issue again, as the is the WordPress SEO plugin that helps, you remove Category/Archive from titles of Archive pages.

Nevertheless, Ari created a PR for the Archive descriptions, which is awesome. He argues, that if people enter information on the admin site, a description for their categories, they expect it to show on the frontend, too.

It seems the discussion actually went a bit further on Ari’s new issue Change archive titles. I like where this is going!


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