Distraction Free Writing and WordPress

Joe Casabona discussed in his post if you should really write in the WordPress Editor, be it in its classic or block editor.

Casabona uses Ulysses as his writing app (mac only, paid). I mostly use Google Doc as I often collaborate on topics, especially at work working with WordPress teams on the Make blogs. I also like that I can access the Google Doc app from all my devices and continue where I left off, or to answer comments.

I keep my notes, on first ideas and research in either Roam Research (personal, SaaS, paid), or in Logseq (work, local storage, open-source) while I stew on a topic.

The block editor’s power feature is that you can copy/paste from most any tool into the block editor and it just works. I remember the times when I had spent another hour after finishing a long form piece to format it in the classic editor. Here the block editor shines widely.

WordPress was never the best place for writing. I agree with Casabona. Casabona also comments on an array of writing apps. It’s a great list.

Too many hazards to the Internet are still around that can make your content disappear. The fear of loosing work or the train of thought is just not condusive to distraction free writing.

Although, I can see people using WordPress for longer form writing. I compile Gutenberg Times Weekend Editions directly in the block-editor. The 190th edition data: 1665 words, 92 Blocks. Not a short post, but also long form.

There is a quasi distraction-free writing mode in the Block Editor.

  • You can tuck the block toolbars to the top,
  • hide the sidebar, and
  • turn on Spotlight mode that dims inactive blocks except the paragraph you are writing in.

My favorite distraction free writing tool, based on the block editor, is Iceberg by Rich Tabor and Jeffery Charandang. It sits on top of the block editor and once I am done with the words of an article I can just switch it off and use the block editor to layout my post, add images, quotes etc. You can read my review of Iceberd here

What is your writing process like? How does the block editor fit in there, or does it? Share in the comments or send an email pauli@gutenbergtimes.com


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