How to test a point release before the end of the release party?

Paul Biron, one of the contributors to the Beta Tester Plugin mentioned during today’s WordPress 5.9.1 RC release party:

remember, you can’t update to point-release RCs via the Beta Tester plugin until the Nightlies are built at the end of the party.

Paul Biron

I should be able to test a point-release via wp-cli, though. But how do I do this with Local WP?

I right-click on the site and select Open Site Shell. That will open your terminal window.

Once that’s open you can use the command

wp core update

Screenshot terminal window.

Now you can open the site in your browser and test a few things to make sure that update works.

After participating in release parties, I was wondering how many smoke tests I should be able to contribute. I can test any update from and earlier WordPress version to the newly released one by using

From Andy Fragen I learned, you can only get back to older WP core versions in Core Rollback by using PHP 5.6.x. PHP 7.x will limit you. Using a block theme will limit you to 5.9


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