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Earlier today, Grzegorz Ziolkowski’s PR that adds a command to automatically create the plugin zip to the create-block scaffolding tool was merged with the Gutenberg repo. It will be available with the 12.4 version of the Gutenberg plugin on Januar 20th, 2022. It closes a feature request by yours truly from a little over two years ago.

Screenshot of output from the cli command: npm run plugin-zip

Now this almost closes the tooling for single block building via the create-block scaffolding tool. The only thing that’s missing is the automatic deployment to the WordPress plugin directory.

Marcus Kazmierczak published a tutorial on How to Deploy WordPress Plugins Using Github Actions.

If you want to get started with Block Building and how to use the Create Block scaffolding tool, this Create a Block tutorial from the developer handbook for Gutenberg, should get you started.

My fellow developer advocate and friend, Ryan Welcher published his live coding streams on YouTube, where you can get more inspiration on how to develop block for everyday usage.

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