JavaScript: The Good Parts

I just chuckled through most of this video: Doug Crockford: JavaScript the Good Parts

It is a bit dated, but it is still relevant. I am pretty confident that most of the “I hate JavaScript” WordPress devs utter is from that era and has lasted until today in some PHP developers, who refuse to touch it. I am so glad I watched it. It felt, that I started to understand the emotional disgust some people display towards Gutenberg in the WordPress community.
Crockford explained in his talk why people hate it with good reason, and surfaced the good parts in JavaScript. He does it in good humor and love for the language. He also wrote in a book with the same title. Crockford also formalized JSON standard and wrote JSLint.

Google TechTalks: JavaScript: The Good Parts

Doug Crockford in 2018 at JS Fest in Kyiv, Ukraine with his Talk: The Better Parts


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